About Us



Is headquartered in the international city China-Hong Kong, is a trading company with high quality lighting source. In the Chinese mainland through technical cooperation with manufacturer produce high quality and low price LED lighting. Including: LED bulbs, LED panel lights, LED spotlights, LED filament lamp, LED mining lamp, LED strips, LED street lamps and so on.

         Our factory has obtained CE and ISO9001 related product certification, and is committed to the development of new environmental protection, energy saving and technology-based light source products, products are exported to the world, including the United States, Britain, Italy, Romania, Albania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Ghana.

        Our mission is to produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting sources that can not only meet the different needs of consumers, but also beautify the LED light source of people's home environment and improve the quality of life of people.

        Our value is Brighten your life.

Our value

  • Efficient

    High efficiency and energy saving, light continuous use of up to 30000 hours.

  • Environmental

    The product materials used are recyclable, no environmental pollution.

  • Elegant

    Beautification household environment, build elegant and comfortable living space.

Our principles

High quality service

2 years worry-free after-sales service, quality assurance, strong after-sales team to follows.

Satisfied customers

Support OEM order, welcome to provide LED light sample or drawing processing, perfect packaging design.

High quality products

Wide voltage AC 90-265 - v, make sure the light does not burn out

Different color temperature to satisfy customers different lighting needs 2200 k, 2700 k, 3000 k, 4000 k, 6500 k

Size of lamp holder E14 and E27 and embedded


We have 10+ years of experience

Manufacturer have got CE certificate, can export to European countries




ISO 9001:2008


Certificate Of CE